The microclimate created around your bed drastically decreases the energy needed for your sleeping comfort. This means lower monthly energy bills and a reduction of your carbon footprint—another reason you’ll sleep easy.

EveningBreeze. Higher comfort levels, a clear conscience and lower energy bills.

Energy use

Cooling can be a household’s number one energy drain. EveningBreeze uses energy efficiently by cooling only the space that requires it: the surface of your bed. Intelligent cooling wastes no energy in cooling the walls, furniture and other items in your bedroom—which can mean a savings of up to 80%!

Electricity bill

As energy gets more expensive, utility bills rise. Compared to traditional cooling techniques, EveningBreeze radically reduces the amount of energy needed to create a cool night’s sleep, resulting in significantly lower electricity bills. Which means your Evening Breeze will pay for itself.

Carbon footprint

Let’s look at the bigger picture: significantly lowering your energy use directly results in lower carbon emissions and takes us a step closer to a renewable energy society. And, because EveningBreeze uses a non-ozone depleting refrigerant you do no harm to our protective atmosphere.


After selecting your preferred sleeping climate, cool clean air will gently circulate over the surface of your bed—carrying with it the promise of a good night’s sleep.
EveningBreeze. Comfortable, refreshing and revitalizing. Forget noise. Forget draft.
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EveningBreeze creates a cool, pure climate for you to sleep in, leaving the rest of the room in its natural state. Cleaner, fresher air means a healthier environment and a more restful sleep.
EveningBreeze. No more dry skin, sore throats or nasty colds
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