Frequently Asked Questions


  • What do I get when buying Evening Breeze?
    You will get 4 parts. 1: INDOOR unit to create the cool and clean air. 2: OUTDOOR unit to release the heat outside. 3: A REMOTE to select your desired cooling mode. 4: A CANOPY to evenly distribute the air.
  • Where is the cold air coming from?
    The air is released from the double layer textile body above the bed.
  • How does the air flow?
    Once the cool air is released from the top it will gently find its way down to the bed and sleepers (as we know cool air is heavier than warm air)
  • What are the differences in temperature in the room?
    Your bed will be the coolest part in the room, moving away from your bed the temperatures will rise gradually.
  • How does the remote work?
    Simple select your desired cooling level and Evening Breeze will calculate and create your perfect sleeping temperature. With the GENTLE button you can reduce the air flow.
  • Does the system include the bed?
    No, Evening Breeze doesn’t deliver the bed, some of our retailer partners will offer the Evening Breeze in combination with a bed.
  • Are there any special requirements for my bed?
    Yes, your bed needs to be on legs of at least 5cm. Furthermore you’ll need to have an headboard or an Evening Breeze CABINET to place your Evening Breeze behind.
  • What is the capacity of the Evening Breeze?
    Capacity is 5.000 BTU
  • Is 5.000 BTU enough to keep me cool?
    5.000 is enough to keep you cool (or cold if you wish) during the heat of the night
  • Do mosquitos like Evening Breeze?
    Mosquitos prefer to stay away from your Evening Breeze because they don’t like to reside in the coolest part of your room and are even more sensitive to draft. To be completely safe, we recommend using a mosquito net.
  • Do I still need my conventional air conditioning?
    Your sleeping comfort will be guaranteed by Evening Breeze. If you feel you need your current AC for daytime activities in your bedroom, like getting dressed, we advise to keep your current AC for those few moments during the day.


  • How much power does my Evening Breeze system have?
    400 Watts is the average power of Evening Breeze. As you can imagine it will greatly depend on your preferred cooling setting.
  • How much energy does my Evening Breeze us?
    Looking at an average power of 400 Watts during your well deserved 8 hours of sleep, we’re looking at 3,2 kWh per night.
  • What makes Evening Breeze so energy effective?
    Evening Breeze energizes what needs to be energized. Because we don’t cool the entire room including the walls, floor and furniture, it uses much less energy. Furthermore, in order for you to sleep at , let’s say, 21 degrees, your current air-conditioner needs to release air at a much lower temperature to ensure the room average is at the desired level..
  • What is the saving potential compared to inverter air conditioning?
    This depends on the energy use of your current air conditioning, typically starting at 1.000 all the way up to 2.000 Watts. This leads to a saving potential of 60 to 80%
  • Can I run the system on alternative power sources, like solar?
    Because your Evening Breeze takes so little energy, it is very feasible to run of solar, please bear in mind that you’ll need to store your solar power in a battery for the night.


  • How silent is Evening Breeze?
    Your Evening Breeze makes less noise than any other AC in Low fan mode on the market today. In fact you won’t notice it is actually on.
  • What does no draft mean?
    The air velocity of Evening Breeze is kept beneath 0,15 m/s. This means you feel the freshness, but don’t notice the airflow. The air velocity of a regular air conditioner can go up to 0,75 m/s.
  • How does Evening Breeze benefit my health?
    Silence helps towards a more restful sleep. Since we filter the air and allow you to ventilate your sleeping room air quality, (freshness and oxygen levels) are all very sound. Lastly, the humidity levels remain at healthy levels as we are only drying the air over the bed.


  • What cooling technology is Evening Breeze based on?
    Evening Breeze uses the widely adopted split-unit inverter cooling technology. It is known for its efficiency and comfort. Evening Breeze could be described as special single mini-split.
  • What refrigerant is used?
    R410a, the most popular, widely available, very efficient and ozone-friendly refrigerant.
  • What kind of compressor does the Evening Breeze use?
    The heart of your Evening Breeze is a DC inverter twin rotary compressor, made by leaders in compressor technology SANYO.
  • The Evening Breeze units are quite sizeable, why?
    The larger the product the more silent and more effect they are.

Installation & Maintenance

  • Can I install the Evening Breeze system myself?
    To install and service Evening Breeze, you need to be an experienced and trained AC technician. Your Evening Breeze will be offered including installation by an installation partner certified by Evening Breeze.
  • What should I take into account regarding installation.
    INDOOR unit is placed behind your bed. OUTDOOR unit is placed outside. A tubing set will connect the two and runs through a 50mm hole in the wall.
  • Where do I place the Evening Breeze?
    The Evening Breeze INDOOR unit placed behind your bed and hence brings your bed 25cm forward.
  • Where do I place the OUTDOOR unit?
    The OUTDOOR unit is placed outside. Your installer will find a place which is least obtrusive and least subject to the elements.
  • Does the evening Breeze produce condensate?
    Yes, up to 1 liter per hour. Your installer will cater for a condensate drain.
  • What kind of maintenance does the unit need?
    We recommend a bi-annual maintenance interval. In more moderate climates an annual maintenance contract will suffice.
  • What guarantees do I get?
    You willl always get 1 year guarantee. If your Evening Breeze is being serviced by our retail partner you will get 3 years full guarantee. Please confirm this with your dealer.
  • Do I need spares?
    Your Evening Breeze comes with a spare filter, we recommend you to clean and replace your filter when necessary. Your canopy can be washed. It could be desirable to have a spare canopy to replace immediately upon removal. Spare filters and canopies are available at your dealer. The spare parts for your indoor and outdoor unit are stored with the qualified installation partner and he will bring them when needed.
  • How often should I clean my filter?
    4 times a year if you use Evening Breeze year round and life in a dusty area. Otherwise twice a year will suffice.
  • How often do I wash the Ventilation System?
    Twice a year if you use Evening Breeze year round and live in a dusty area. Otherwise once a year will suffice.


  • What is the total cost of an Evening Breeze?
    Please contact your local dealer for pricing.
  • How does the price relate to conventional air conditioning?
    You’ll probably find that this price is slightly higher than standard air conditioning. Your benefits will be the increased comfort, health and financial aspects.
  • What is the payback period?
    If you use your Evening Breeze year round, your payback is approximately 2 years. If you live in a more moderate temperature, your payback will be longer.


  • What is the difference between the different models?
    INDOOR, OUTDOOR and REMOTE are identical. The way the air is distributes varies between the models, the names are quite straight forward FREE STANDING, SUSPENDED, FOUR POSTER
  • What is the delivery time?
    Normally your dealer can supply from stock, so you just need to plan for an installation date.