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  • Evening Breeze Hong Kong
    Evening Breeze is now available in Hong Kong through Dormirest in Horizon Plaza. Dormirest beds are made with natural fibers such as horse tail hair, camel wool and organic cotton. These natural materials give a Dormirest mat [...]

Highlighted Cases

EB Chinzombo

Chinzombo, Zambia

Norman Carr Safaris

6 villas

Chinzombo's wildly luxurious camp is the perfect place from which to explore the majestic wilds of the Luangwa in style, luxury and exclusivity.

Tsarabanjina, Madagascar

Tsarabanjina, Madagascar

Constance Hotels & Resorts

25 beach villas

Tsarabanjina is located 40 miles from the island of Nosy Be and is surrounded by azure blue waters and white sand beaches.

Coral Lodge 15.41, Mozambique

Jao Camp, Botswana

Wilderness Safaris

9 luxury tents

Built on raised decks the beautiful and spacious tents of Jao Camp offer a wonderful view of the spectacular surrounding floodplains of the Okavango Delta.

Coral Lodge 15.41, Mozambique

Zarafa Camp, Botswana

Great Plains Conservation

4 luxury tents

Zarafa Camp’s immense tents are raised on wooden decking and shaded by a canopy of African ebony and Red ivory trees, each with uninterrupted views.

Mkulumadzi, Malawi

Mkulumadzi, Malawi

Robin Pope Safaris

8 luxury chalets

Mkulumadzi is an exclusive luxury lodge in Southern Malawi set on a lush riverbank within Majete Wildlife Reserve.

Villa Azura, Antigua

Villa Azura, Antigua

Privately Owned

3 bedroom private villa

Villa Azura is situated on the peninsular tip at the East coast of Antigua, the Caribbean island famous for its 365 stunning beaches.

Coral Lodge 15.41, Mozambique

Coral Lodge 15.41, Mozambique

Newmark Hotels

10 luxury villas

Coral Lodge 15.41 is a modern, African style beach resort, which offers you the latest in luxury and comfort while maintaining that authentic Mozambican feel.

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