silent and draft free cooling

EveningBreeze. Comfortable, comforting and revitalizing. Forget noise. Forget draft.
After selecting your preferred sleeping climate, cool clean air gently spreads over the surface of the bed and all that is left are the sounds of the night, carrying the promise of a good night’s sleep.
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fresh and clean air

EveningBreeze. No more dry skin, sore throats and nasty colds.
Evening Breeze creates a cool and pure climate for you to sleep in, leaving the rest of the room in its natural state. Clean and fresh air gives you a healthy environment throughout the night.
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minimal energy consumption

EveningBreeze. Higher comfort with a clear conscience and lower energy bills.
The micro-climate created around your bed drastically decreases the energy needed for your sleeping comfort. This means lower monthly energy bills and a significant impact on your carbon footprint.
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Product Range

EveningBreeze comes in 3 different flavours and will fit any bed.


The look of a classic, with the comfort of tomorrow.

Creates the perfect sleeping climate in any bed.

Suspended from the ceiling on a natural wooden frame.

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