A vitalizing
cool sleep.
Your dream
comes true.
Wake up


Silent and draft free cooling

After selecting your preferred sleeping climate, cool clean air will gently circulate over the surface of your bed—carrying with it the promise of a good night’s sleep.

Comfortable, refreshing and revitalizing. Forget noise. Forget drafts.


Fresh and clean air

Evening Breeze creates a cool, pure climate for you to sleep in, leaving the rest of the room in its natural state. Cleaner, fresher air means a healthier environment and a more restful sleep.

No more dry skin, sore throats or nasty colds. Simply wake up refreshed.


Minimal energy consumption

The micro climate created around takes very little energy. This means lower monthly energy bills and a reduction of your carbon footprint—another reason you’ll sleep easy.

Higher comfort levels, a clear conscience and lower energy bills.

Product range

Evening Breeze comes in 4 archetypes and can be tailored to match almost any design and/or style; check out the gallery below for additional inspiration

To see what best fits your specific needs, please contact us and let’s have a look at your project.

Four Poster

The look of a classic and
the comfort of today.


Perfect integration with
your mosquito net.

Free Standing

Optimal sleeping climate
for any bed.

Free Flow

Very versatile and for
unobstructed views.